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Course Features

No Of Classes 50+
Quizzes 5
Certificate Yes
Assessments Yes
Class Documents Yes
Source Code Yes
Recordings of Class Yes
Swagat Kumar Mishra

Instructor:Swagat Kumar Mishra

Chandan Singh

Instructor:Chandan Singh

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Prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrators Certification and Docker with live practice tests right in your browser - CKA

Kubernetes is at the cutting-edge of application deployment. To elevate your DevOps career, learn how to effectively deploy applications on Kubernetes.

This course helps you gain the knowledge required to design and deploy cloud-native applications on a Kubernetes cluster. A series of well-designed lectures and illustrations help you understand complex concepts easily.

Online Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) And Docker Masterclass Course Overview

Kubernetes is one of the highest trending technology in Cloud Computing as of today. Kubernetes had the fastest growth in job searches, over 173% from a year before as reported recently by a survey conducted by Indeed.

Hear what my students have to say

Thanks Sahosoft for the lovely course. I find it very relevant for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) as it covers all key areas and has a good hands-on opportunity as well throughout the course.  - Rahul Singh

CKA one of the difficult certs in DevOps, But through this course sahosoft make it very Easy. This course provide me all technical and test practice that i need to understand and pass this exam. Appreciate your effort. - Pooja

Who this course is for:

System Administrators

DevOps Professionals

Application Developers

Course is focused on practicing coding questions in the class itself

Recommended for :
  • 01Anyone who wants to learn Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Docker from Basics to Advanced Level
  • 02Programmers looking to improve programming skills
  • 03Students
  • 04Working Professionals
  • 05Freshers

What You Will Learn

  • :- Introduction to DevOps
  • :-Understand Kubernetes Core Concepts
  • :-Deploy a Kubernetes cluster
  • :-Secure cluster objects using TLS Certificates
  • :-Leverage Kubernetes Networking Concepts
  • :-Deploy Services and Load Balancers to route traffic
  • :-Implement different Pod Scheduling techniques
  • :-Use various Controllers to manage your applications
  • :-Create and use Persistent Storage for your applications
  • :-Secure your cluster against unauthorized access
  • :-Monitor and log your cluster events
  • :-Troubleshoot application and cluster failures

Course Features

  • 01Real-life Case Studies
  • All the sessions are delivered using real-life examples. You will learn how to develop real project using industry recommended principles and practices.

  • 02Sessions by expert
  • All sessions are led by our expert mentors. Even you have access to your live online training sessions and notes will be sent to you within 24 hours.

  • 03Live project Training
  • You will get live project training by our experts, which you help to become an expert/ professional developer.

  • 04Technical Support
  • We have online support team available to help you with any technical queries you may have during the course.

  • 05Assessments
  • Each Module will be followed by objective mockup tests and practical assignments which help you to monitor your learning progress and evaluate yourself.

  • 06Interview Q&A
  • Each topic will be covered with the essential interview Q&A being asked to you in your technical interview. Prepare yourself to get your job.

  • 07Certification
  • At the end of the course, you need to complete one project. On successful completion, you will receive course completion certificate of angular certification.

Course Content

Chandan Kumar (Instructor)
Tech Lead & Mentor at Sahosoft

12 Years exp. in Software Development, Chandan Kumar has sound knowledge of technologies like AWS,Kubernetes,Docker,Angular, Dot Net Core, Node Js, MongoDB, JQuery, REST APIs, Python, Django, Javascript, aws-devOps, MSSQL, DynamoDB etc. He is very passionate about Competitive Programming & Problem Solving. He is currently working as a Mentor at Sahosoft.

Ajeet Kumar (Instructor)
Sr. Software Engineer & Mentor at Sahosoft

10 Years exp. in Software Development, Ajeet Kumar has sound knowledge of technologies like AWS,Kubernetes,Docker,,Angular 12,Angular 11,Angular 10,Angular 9, Angular 8, Angular 7, Angular 6/5/4/2, Dot Net Core, Node Js, MongoDB, JQuery, REST APIs, Python, Django, MVC, Javascript, aws-devOps,SQL Server, DynamoDB etc. He is very passionate about Competitive Programming & Problem Solving. He is currently working as a Mentor at Sahosoft.


  1.  How will these classes be conducted?
    It will be an online live (Live Stream) class, so you can attend this class from any geographical location. It will be an interactive live session, where you can ask your doubts to the instructor (similar to our offline classroom program). You just need to have working internet and a PC/Laptop.
  2. How does the admission process work for this course?
    Initially, you need to signup for this course & you need to make the payment of the fee for the same
  3. Is there any number to contact for any query?
    You may call +9-9599952752 or +91-8376817046 for any query related to Sahosoft Classes.
  4. Is this a language-specific course?
    Yes, the discussion forum and doubt assistance are available only for AWS
  5. What is the size of a batch?
    The planned batch size is 15.
  6. Do We Get any Placement Assistance?
    We're preparing you for your interviews. And yes, We have a hiring platform where you can see the current opening & once you have completed this course you can apply for anyone of them. 
  7. Is there any online course material available with this course?
    Yes, you'll get access to online data structures & algorithms course along with this course.