ASP.NET Core Master Class 





ASP.NET Core Project Development Training

About the Course

ASP.NET Core project development training course is primarily designed for .NET professionals who want to learn how to develop modern cloud-based app using ASP.NET Core. In this course, you will learn about .NET Core, middleware, MVC pattern, html helpers, tag helpers, custom helpers, built-in validation and custom validation, querying database using Entity Framework Core.


Course objectives

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

Who can do this course?

All .NET Beginner(s)/Professional(s) who are keen to develop modern, light weight and cloud-based web applications should go for this course.



Anyone who wants to learn Mastering ASP.NET Core should have a basic knowledge of C# and HTML.



Visual Studio 2019, VS Code, SQL Server 2008 r2 or Higher, Postman



Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to ASP.NET Core


.NET Core

ASP.NET Core and MVC5

Visual Studio Project Templates

Module 2: Development Environment Setup & Project Folder Structure

Module 3: First ASP.NET Core Application


Module 4: ASP.NET Core - wwwroot Folder


Module 5: Set Default File


Module 5: File Server

Module 6: ASP.NET Core – Middleware

Module 7: ASP.NET Core - Environment Variable

Module 8: ASP.NET Core - Exception Handling

Module 9: Settings or steps for MVC and Routing?

Module 10: Routes & URLs


Module 11: Web API

Swagger Introduction

Module 12: Database Operations and Postman


Advanced Web API

Module 13: REST API Project with Onion Architecture

Module 14


Model, View, Controller & Actions

Razor View Engine

Routes & URLs

Module 15



Server-side Data Receiving Ways

Reusable UI Components

Module 16


ViewModel & Validation

Data Passing Techniques

Module 17


Entity Framework and EF Core

Database Modeling

Database Migrations

Database First Approach

DB Procedures and Functions

Module 18


Repository Design Pattern and Unit of Work Design Patterns

Dependency Injection

Module 19


Authentication: ASP.NET Core Identity

ASP.NET Core MVC Pipeline, Middleware and Filters

Securing Web API

Module 20 (Project Development)


Discussing Project Architecture

Developing Project

Implementing Design Pattern

Module Development

Module 21 (Project Development)


ASP.NET Core MVC Authentication: Identity

ASP.NET Core MVC Pipeline, Middleware and Filters

Module 22 (Project Development)


Securing ASP.NET Core MVC App

Category and Product Listing

Securing ASP.NET Web API

Module 23 (Project Development)


ASP.NET Core Best Practices